Goodbye Uncle Tom vs Birth Of A Nation by Delayne Whiteside


About 3 years ago a friend of mine asked me to see a movie entitled Addio Zio Tom which is Italian for Goodbye Uncle Tom. When he told me the movie was banned in the United States, it raised my level of intrigue. Mind you, I’m 39 at the time, and I’ve seen over a dozen movies about slavery in my lifetime, but in my 39 years, nothing prepared me for what was revealed in this movie. The revelation sickened me to my stomach. What I witnessed in this movie was the visual image of breeding of human beings like animals. I’ll clarify, human beings being bred like dogs. Up until that point, I’d only seen slaves beaten, exploited (sold) , and forced into labor in movies. While even those acts are gruesome enough, watching the breeding of slaves sunk into my spirit and saddened me that the stolen africans were not considered human.

Even so, once I got to the end of the movie, I soon discovered why it was banned. The film ends in an updated version (movie was released in 1971) of The Confessions of Nat Turner. An unknown man imagines Nat Turner’s revolution in present time (’71) and I’m quite sure that in the early 70’s that would have been a tad bit scary. I mean you can’t have a militant black men killing rich white people and getting away with it on the silver screen.


Quantum Leap to the year 2016 and the truth rears its ugly head again. Nate Parker (actor & film director) challenges the world to see a different side to slavery than the one told over and over again by the mainstream. Birth Of A Nation tells the real story of Nate Turner’s rebellion. Sure we’ve heard through the years about the slaves that were clever enough to escape to the North for freedom, but I don’t ever recall hearing the story of Nat Turner and others like him that chose to fight back in school books nor them being praised during Black History Month.

I fully endorse this movie, especially in the wake of Donald Trump’s hideous campaign to restore the United States back to a time of involuntary obedience toward minorities. I don’t endorse this movie to promote unrest or melee among the races, but to simply say that although we were a captured people, some of us chose to fight the oppression. Every story of slavery is not painted with humility. However, don’t lose the overall message. This is not a movie of violence as it is a movie about empowerment. It’s about the quest for freedom even if one must die to get it.

After you watch Birth, if you haven’t watched it already, go to Youtube and watch Goodbye Uncle Tom. I promise you’ll get a different perspective of slavery. It will disgust you at first, but you know how the old saying goes..”the truth will set you free”

Before I go, I just want to say that I feel it was real convenient to bring up Nate Parker’s alleged rape case around the time of the Birth of a Nation movie release. Are we surprised? Hell No! Like Eddie Griffin said. Mass Media is determined to leave an asterisk on any influential African American male’s name that might uplift the race. But even still, it’s shameful and tasteless that even in this day and age, people still don’t want the truth to be brought to the light.

Go See This Movie! 5 Stars *****






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