Karma Nikole ft. Kamillion: ‘Make Them Mad’ Remix!!

May 19, 2020, Karma Nikole (@karmanikole), Philly born, South Jamaica Queens raised rapper, gave the people the theme song for stunting on haters and doubters, “Make Them Mad”.

NOW, September 2020, Karma Nikole is back with the remix to her hot new single “Make Them Mad” ft. KAMILLION. Available on all streaming platform.

Karma Nikole wrote this hit single “Make Them Mad in 2 hours. Then she recorded it the same day. Karma Nikole knew it was a hit instantly after constantly hitting repeat on her way back home from the studio. The song continues to garner streams in the thousands worldwide. Currently at 500,000 all time streams!

In the song,“Make Them Mad” , we definitely hear Nicki Minaj’s influence. Karma’s go to weapon is her hard hitting bars with an “in your face” style. She is lethal with the pen as all her bars comes from her writing. Karma Nikole is a firm figure of female empowerment in the highly male dominated entertainment industry.

Florida Grammy Award winning songwriter and rapper Kamillion delivered saucy, yet explosive racy lyrics within in minutes after hearing the original song. Both female rappers are all about girl power, unity and working with other female rappers.

BET JAMS debuted Karma Nikole’s video for Make Them Mad.

Expect the video for “Make Them Mad-Remix” to follow the same path. Karma Nikole is currently working on her debut EP and her next single is set to be called ” Freak B*tch”.

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