Notmixedenough – Healing

Notmixedenough was born and raised in South City, St. Louis. His stage name, Notmixedenough, was his social media handle since high school and decided to use that as his stage name. No one has the same name as hisself on any streaming service so he thought that was a plus. Being of mixed race, Notmixedenough find himself in situations of being too much of one race, and too little of the other. Therefore he is hoping that his name resonates with people who feel the same way.

Notmixedenough used to write raps with his cousins and freestyle with friends growing up, even though he wasn’t the best at it. He could never remember why he liked writing rhymes so much, but he just did it whenever it came across his mind. Notmixedenough performed in a male pageant in college in February of 2017 at the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and decided to do a rap for the talent portion about the sorority that nominated him. This was his very first time performing in front of a crowd and to Notmixedenough surprise everyone loved it. After a while, a friend of his introduced him to his friend Rich (@xyrich5) who produced music, and set up a recording session for us at his apartment. The first time Notmixedenough officially recorded music was July 2019, so he has only been recording/writing music seriously for about a year. There were periods of doubt from that time until now, but now Notmixedenough 2 full projects that has been released and 3 music videos.

Notmixedenough dropped off his hot new video titled Healing. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts!!!



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