ASAHN – A Million MC’s

Wilmington, Delaware native Tremayne Williams that goes by the stage name ASAHN is 52 years old and wanted to start my his own independent label. He started the vision in June 2017. Not knowing anything about starting a label, Tremayne start watching YouTube videos, and studying the blueprints of previous powerhouse rap labels. After doing some studying he felt confident in his abilities to do it. Tremayne went to several local artists(about 6) and no one was interested. So, he asked hisself if this was what he really want do. Tremayne figured the best way to learn was to actually do it. Everything up to this point he did himself. Now, Tremayne has a visual to go with his vision. His lane is underground, ill beats laced with unapologetically ill rhymes!!!

[videopress CFYfaaUL]

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