NJ Firefighter/ Combat Veteran delivers 2PAC inspired call for change

With the U.S. President Joe Biden taking office and a fractured nation gravely divided, viral NJ firefighter / Army war
veteran returns with a timely call for change unveiling a powerful song / video remake
of 2 Pac’s hit “Changes” to combat the country’s ever growing civil unrest.

[videopress 24MeCnzx]

NJ Firefighter/ U.S. Army Combat Veteran, Michael Sarno, attained viral success championing COVID-19 frontline heroes with his Wu-Tang-themed song/video tribute titled “#CovidCalls” which clocked over 500,000 views on major media platforms. As the United States recovers from a historically unstable period, a charged cycle of civil unrest gravely divides the nation.

Sarno, known as BFDgold, felt obliged to return to the recording studio and articulate a unifying message for change while embodying the spirit of American values. Michael Sarno’s second ever studio session birthed “#Changes2021” (A remake of Tupac Shakur’s timeless hit: “Changes”). This news media clip-driven music video, directed by Gennaro Ilaria, Michael Sarno, veteran rapper William Cooper, and Lucy Papandrea illustrates a path of hope to make changes ensuring an equitable society in which all can live in peace and reach their full potential. Sarno spoke of the importance of “#Changes2021”, stating, “We need to regain accountability and a sense of patriotism. Regardless of our differences or who you voted for, we are all humans and have the right to an equitable society. I hope this video will bring people together in peace to speak with equal voice.”

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