Lex Lakaiser – Winners

Lex Lakaiser is an international artist from Burlington, North Carolina who got his start in Germany. While being an Army Soldier in Germany he formed a Hip Hop crew called First Brigade and started performing in clubs all around Germany. After soldiers started to get redeployed to other places, Lex moved to Atlanta for 6 months and returned to Germany. Battling in Hip Hop clubs and winning titles got him to working with DJ’s as an EMCEE. Eventually becoming a regular on Planet Radio Black beats and working with DJ Ray- D. Also working with Nodhead Productions and meeting his now Producer for his New group with his younger brother Michael Cesar Leo #SplashBrothaz . Lex also opened up for groups overseas such as Bone Crusher, Inspecta Deck of Wu Tang clan, and Safari.

Lex Lakaiser dropped his single Winners off to us. Check it out below and let us know your thoughts about it!!!


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