Lil Goodie is Becoming Known More and More as a Musician

Lil Goodie is an upcoming rapper, songwriter from Baltimore who is making a wave in the music industry especially in the U.S state of Maryland. He is a new drill rapper that wants to change the game of rap. He has created a new lane for himself called “dancehall drill”. Dancehall drill music is drill music that you can dance to with your friends.

He was asked, “why does your music have a jumpy feel? It does not feel like your traditional aggressive rap, why so? Lil Goodie said, “I want people to have fun when they listen to my music. I want everyone to be able to like my music regardless of their age. Even if you don’t really get what I’m saying, just the vibes of the song holistically will make you want to dance and enjoy yourself. He also is born in Nigeria, so, being able to follow the beat is second nature to him. He grew up listening to Afro beats and fast tempo songs that are considered “dancehall”.

Lil Goodie recently released “Pull Up Hop Out” on December 4, 2020. He wanted to release a song that will make a statement about what type of music he is making but also to gain a broad audience. He is planning to release new music in the first week of April. He is going to be showing more of the dancehall vibes with his few releases. He is not worried about being known in one city but making music that anyone from any country will like.

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